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Garrod`s Property Finder  is representing a buyer in a property transaction.

Property Finders specialise in sourcing and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the client. In essence, the Property Finder will develop an in-depth understanding of his client’s requirements, desires and property goals, and then attempt to find a property which matches all of these requirements for his client to acquire.

The benefits of local market knowledge and expertise have been found to be a key benefit of using a property finder.

Property finders are a particularly useful resource for buyers of foreign property. The advantages of using a property finder in a foreign country include:  An established network of local contacts – ‘on the ground’ representation and knowledge and understanding of the different legal systems.

Garrod`s Property finder is working for and represents the buyer, thus creating a balance between the skills and expertise available to both parties in a transaction. Garrod`s property Finder  offers linguistic variety, mastering several language such as English, Spanish and Scandinavian.

Anita Garrod is Norwegian, she worked in Spain and Norway and has a wide vision of the Spanish market. She is offering a discreet and honest service. Listening and giving the best advice to clients in the purchase of a property  is the strong point of this real estate expert.